Family Camp

Centre: Ivano-Frankivsk
Friday 20 July 2018 (09:00 -22:00)
Saturday 21 July 2018 (09:00 -22:00)
Sunday 22 July 2018 (09:00 -22:00)
Monday 23 July 2018 (09:00 -22:00)
Tuesday 24 July 2018 (09:00 -22:00)
Wednesday 25 July 2018 (09:00 -22:00)
Thursday 26 July 2018 (09:00 -22:00)
Friday 27 July 2018 (09:00 -22:00)
Saturday 28 July 2018 (09:00 -22:00)
Sunday 29 July 2018 (09:00 -22:00)
Teachers : Shastri Achim Schlage & Acharya Beate Kirchhof-Schlage & Roger Guest & Donna Stephens
Contact person : Olga Zhegar
Price: 350

Family Camp is a magical week for parents and children to spend together with old friends and new in the heart of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Family Camp is a week-long program that combines meditation practice, outdoor time, and the warmth of family and community.

For parents, the morning is a time for meditation practice, with meditation instruction given on our first morning together. There are morning talks and discussions, led by our Family Camp Teachers, with a focus on mindful parenting.

Children are in a morning program from 9:15 to 12:15, grouped by age. Activities are varied and often include meditation, craft projects, time outdoors, stories, songs, hikes in the woods, and group games. All morning programs are taught by our dedicated adult staff and supported by our teen counselors.

Afternoons are dedicated to family time, with both structured and spontaneous activities. There are many picturesque locations nearby to enjoy. Evenings include a relaxed dinner together, laughter and play on the front lawn, and supervised campfires with songs and stories. You'll find that days are both spacious and quite full.

Program Pricing (includes transfer from/to Ivano-Frankivsk, accommodation, meals, materials etc.)
Adult: $350 per adult.
Children 6 years old and younger: $60 per child.
Children from 6 to 12 years old: $120 per child.

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